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Sports Medicine

We specialize in the operative as well as non-operative treatment of injuries of athletes of all ages. Our experience ranges from the weekend warrior to professional athletes, school children to active seniors. We utilize a team approach to ensure the best care and return to activity as soon as possible. Customized programs of rehab and activity are a key part of our treatment. When indicated most of our operative sports procedures are carried out using arthroscopy.


We specialize in all aspects of knee care. Our experience has included professional athletes to active seniors. We employ the latest non-surgical, alternative and when necessary surgical techniques to restore and improve knee pain and function. We will educate on the best options and partner with you for a decision to improve your knee health!


Problems of the shoulder can affect our sleep, sports, work and activities of daily living. We accurately diagnose and treat your shoulder problem to get you back on the course, work, the yard or simply a good nights sleep!! Check out our unique experience and treatments for your shoulder concerns.

New Medical Technology

EOSM employees the latest treatments experienced from our research, attendance at meetings around the world and reviewing new studies. Learn about “what’s new in orthopedics” by reviewing our growing new technology and treatments section. 

Highly trained physicians, caring staff, and cutting edge technology

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Kenneth R. Alleyne, MD

EOSM is a premier, independent, orthopedic practice working with the best hospitals in the region to bring comprehensive and responsive care to our patients of all ages. We partner with our patients “to return them to the game of life”.

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